(A)   Minimum number of bids. Wherever possible, purchases utilizing verbal and written quotations shall be based on at least three bids, and shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.
   (B)   Solicitation of bids. The Director of Finance shall obtain quotations as follows:
      (1)   Non-written bids can be by telephone, internet search, or other methods provided the amount of the purchase is over $3,500, but less than $25,000; and
      (2)   In writing, provided the amount of the purchase is $25,000 or more, but not more than $50,000.
   (C)   Written bids. All bids received pursuant to this section shall be submitted to the Director of Finance, who shall keep a record of all open market orders and bids for a period of one year after the submission of bids or the placing of orders. While so kept, this record shall be open to public inspection.
   (D)   Alternate procedures for public projects. Notwithstanding § 3.36.080, for any public project of $50,000 or less, the City Manager shall have discretion to utilize the procedures described in this section or those described in § 3.36.110.
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