While the need for occasional emergency purchases is recognized, the practice must be curtailed as much as possible by anticipating needs so that the normal purchasing procedure utilizing bidding may be used.
   (A)   An emergency shall be deemed to exist if:
      (1)   There is a great public calamity.
      (2)   There is immediate need to prepare for national or local defense.
      (3)   There is a breakdown in machinery or an essential service that requires the immediate purchase of supplies, equipment and/or services to protect the public health, welfare or safety.
      (4)   An essential departmental operation affecting the public health, welfare or safety would be greatly hampered if the prescribed purchasing procedure would cause an undue delay in procurement of the needed item or service.
   (B)   In case of an emergency requiring immediate purchase of supplies, equipment and/or service, the City Manager may authorize the Director of Finance, or his or her designee, to secure, by the process set forth in § 3.36.090, any supplies, equipment and/or services regardless of the amount of the expenditure; provided, however, that the City Manager shall report any such purchases that do not conform to the non-emergency purchasing requirements set forth in this code to the City Council at the next possible City Council meeting.
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