3.32.010   Creation and enumeration of funds and account groups
   3.32.020   General fund
   3.32.030   Library fund
   3.32.040   Public parks, recreation and playground fund
   3.32.050   Air quality fund
   3.32.060   Gas tax/streets and signals fund
   3.32.065   Proposition A transportation fund
   3.32.066   Proposition C transportation fund
   3.32.067   Transportation development act (article 3) fund
   3.32.068   Transportation capital improvement fund
   3.32.069   Measure R local return fund
   3.32.070   1987 Earthquake fund
   3.32.071   Measure M Local Return Fund
   3.32.072   SB1 Road Repair and Accountability Act Fund
   3.32.090   Capital improvements debt service fund
   3.32.095   HOME fund
   3.32.100   Federal housing and urban development fund
   3.32.110   General obligation bonds service fund
   3.32.115   Local law enforcement block grant fund
   3.32.116   Supplemental law enforcement services fund
   3.32.117   Federal asset forfeiture fund
   3.32.118   State asset forfeiture fund
   3.32.120   Police facility assessment fund
   3.32.130   Police facility debt service fund
   3.32.140   Capital outlay improvement fund
   3.32.142   Lighting and landscape special revenue fund
   3.32.144   Lighting and landscape project fund
   3.32.145   Lighting and landscape debt service fund
   3.32.146   Housing asset fund
   3.32.147   Redevelopment obligation retirement fund
   3.32.148   Disability access and compliance fund
   3.32.149   Safe clean water municipal program fund
   3.32.150   Water fund
   3.32.160   Sewer fund
   3.32.165   Sanitation fund
   3.32.180   Special deposit fund
   3.32.190   General reserve fund
   3.32.200   Equipment fund
   3.32.250   Golf course/clubhouse enterprise fund
   3.32.260   Compensated absences fund
   3.32.270   Health insurance fund
   3.32.290   Self-insurance reserve fund
   3.32.320   General long-term debt account group
   3.32.330   General fixed asset account group
   3.32.340   Parking authority projects fund
   3.32.350   Parking authority debt service fund