(A)   Applying in advance.  Any city official or employee intending to attend any convention, conference or meeting may apply for and secure an advance for his expenses, if approved by the City Manager and provided for in the budget, and shall give a general itemized statement of expenditures upon his return.
   (B)   Per diem rate.  If the City Manager so elects, he may determine a per diem rate which shall include all expenses except transportation and registration for the convention. If the City Manager designates such a per diem rate, the city officials or employees attending the convention shall not be entitled to any reimbursement or payment in excess of the per diem rate, except for transportation and registration, and the city officials or employees, upon their return from the convention or conference, shall not be required to submit an itemized statement of their expenditures, but shall be required to submit a general statement of the number of days to which they are entitled to such a per diem rate, together with an itemized statement of their expenditures for trans-portation and registration.
   (C)   Forms.  The Director of Finance is hereby authorized to prepare for use any forms needed to give necessary data of expenditures by city officials or employees.
('86 Code, § 2.60.050) (Ord. 3130, passed  - - )