The Emergency Hospital Advisory Committee shall consist of five members. The Committee shall be composed of the Mayor, the Commissioner of Public Safety, the City Attorney and two members at large. The members at large shall be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.
   (A)   The term of each appointed member at large shall be for a period of four years. Initially the incumbent appointed members of the committee, formerly known as the receiving Hospital Advisory Committee, shall be deemed to be the appointed members at large of the Emergence Hospital Advisory Committee until such time as the terms of office have expired and until their successors have been appointed. The Mayor, the Commissioner of Public Safety and the City Attorney shall serve on the Advisory Committee during the term of their respec-tive offices as officials of the city. The Chief of the Fire Department shall be an ex officio member of the Advisory Committee but shall have no vote.
   (B)   Members of the Advisory Committee shall serve without compensation.
   (C)   Vacancies in either appointive position upon the Advisory Committee for an unexpired term shall be filled by the Mayor by and with the consent of the City Council. Any such appointment shall be for the balance of such unexpired term.
   (D)   Members at large of the Advisory Committee may be removed at the pleasure of the City Council.
('86 Code, § 2.36.020) (Ord. 3335, passed  - - )