Chapters 1 through 80, Chapter 3 (as published in the 2019 California Fire Code), Appendix Chapter 4, Section 503 and Appendices B, BB, C, CC, D and O of Title 24, Part 9 of the California Code of Regulations (the 2019 California Fire Code), as amended and in effect on or before January 1 , 2020 are hereby adopted by reference pursuant to the provisions of §§ 50022.1 through 50022.10 of the Cal. Gov’t Code as though fully set forth herein, and made a part of the Alhambra Municipal Code with the same force and effect as though set out herein in full, including all of the regulations, revisions, conditions and terms contained therein except that those certain sections thereof which are necessary to meet local conditions as hereinafter set forth in § 19.02.030 of this code are hereby repealed, added or amended to read as set forth therein.
   In accordance with § 50022.6 of the Cal. Gov’t Code, not less than one copy of said Title 24 Part 9 of the California Code of Regulations together with any and all amendments thereto proposed by the City of Alhambra, has been and is now filed in the office of the Fire Chief and shall be remain on file with the Fire Chief, shall collectively be known as the City of Alhambra Fire Code and may be cited as Chapter 19.02 of the Alhambra Municipal Code.
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