No person shall move any building, house or portion thereof without notifying the Superintendent at least three days in advance of such moving. The notice shall designate the route to be followed and all other details pertinent to such work. The Superintendent shall have the authority to change such route and designate one which in his opinion will cause less damage to trees, shrubs or plants owned by the city along and adjacent to the route. If necessary to protect such trees, shrubs or plants, the Superintendent may require that the house, building or portion thereof be cut into segments small enough to fit the available width between such trees, shrubs or plants along the designated route. As a condition to approving any route for the moving of any building, house, or portion thereof, the Superintendent may require the person doing such work to enter into an agreement to pay all costs incurred for any labor, equipment or material used to protect or preserve such trees, shrubs or plants, either before or after such moving.
('86 Code, § 14.08.140) (Ord. 2282, passed  - - )  Penalty, see § 1.12.010
   For further provisions concerning requirements of moving buildings, see Chapter 20.40



Chapter 20.40
Please Note: Chapter 20.40 does not exist in the code of ordinances. We will update this incorrect reference at the time of the next supplement.
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