When the erection, repair, alteration or removal of any building, house or structure necessitates the trimming, pruning or removal of any tree, shrub or plant on any street, park, pleasure ground, alley or other public place of the city, except any trimming, pruning or removal required by the construction of a residential driveway it shall be within the discretion of the Superintendent to refuse permission to do such work. Applications for a permit to trim, prune or remove any tree or plant on any of the above- mentioned places for the above-mentioned reasons shall be filed with the Superintendent at least three days prior to the time of doing such work. The Superintendent may stipulate the conditions upon which any trimming, pruning or removal may be done and may require the applicant to enter into an agreement whereby the applicant shall agree to pay all costs incurred for any inspection, labor, equipment or service deemed necessary by the Superintendent.
('86 Code, § 14.08.130) (Ord. 2282, passed  - - )