(A)   It shall be the policy of the city to maximize the planting of trees at all properties owned by the city.
   (B)   Plans for improvements to be made at public facilities shall be reviewed for opportunities to increase the number of trees planted at such facilities prior to their finalization.
   (C)   Any removal of trees at city-owned facilities shall only be accomplished after a review by the department head having jurisdiction of the specific question of the necessity of removal. Any such tree required to be removed shall be replaced as soon as it is practical to do so with another tree either at the exact location where such tree was removed or in the same general area.
   (D)   There shall be a full planting of street trees on all streets adjacent to city facilities, except where the physical conditions of the site prohibit such planting, in which case planting may be accomplished on the city property adjacent to the sidewalk, or in an equivalent number on other streets near the city facility.
('86 Code, § 14.08.002) (Ord. 3639, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 3778, passed  - - )