§ 13.20.190  ATLAS MAPS.
   It is hereby made the duty of every person owning, using, controlling or having an interest in pipes, conduits, wire, cables, manholes, ducts or tunnels under the surface of any public street to file with the Director of Public Works a map or maps, scale not less than 100 feet to the inch, showing in detail the location, size, description and date of installation of all mains, laterals, services and accessory fittings, vaults, chambers, and similar structures installed beneath the surface of the streets. These maps shall be kept up to date at all times. Whenever any pipe, conduit, wire, cable, manholes, duct, tunnel or other subsurface structure is to be abandoned, the person concerned shall file with the Director of Public Works a statement giving details of such abandonment, and shall revise the maps on file with the city to show such abandonment.
('86 Code, § 13.20.190) (Ord. 3002, passed  - - )