§ 13.20.100  SAFE CROSSING.
   It shall be the duty of every person making any excavation or fill in any public street to maintain safe crossing for all vehicle traffic at all street intersections and safe crossing for pedestrians at intervals of not more than 300 feet. Crossings shall also be provided at all driveway entrances. If any such excavation or fill be made across any public street, at least one separated crossing each, not less than ten feet wide for vehicular traffic and four feet wide for pedestrian traffic, shall be maintained at all times. Free access shall be provided to all fire hydrants, water valves, subsurface vaults and similar structures. All materials excavated shall be laid compactly along the side of any trench excavation and shall be kept trimmed so as to cause a minimum of inconvenience to public traffic. The Director may require the removal of excavated material immediately upon excavation if conditions do not permit the storage of the material in the street.
('86 Code, § 13.20.100) (Ord. 3002, passed  - - )  Penalty, see § 1.12.010