§ 13.20.080  REPAIRS.
   If, during the guarantee period, repairs become necessary because of faulty materials or workmanship on the part of the permittee or his agent, permittee shall be notified to remedy the defect within five days after serving of such notice.  The permittee shall make repairs to the installation or backfill and have the pavement restored as specified by the Director, within such time period as may be specified by the Director.  If the pavement is not restored as specified by the Director within the time period specified by the Director, and unless delayed by a strike or conditions beyond permittee's control, the Director ay cause the work to be done after giving the permittee 24 hours final notice.  The cost thereof, including any inspection costs and administrative overhead incurred by city, shall be assessed against the permittee.  On failure of permittee to comply, the Director of Public Works may make the repairs and bill the permittee for the cost of the work.
('86 Code, § 13.20.080)  (Ord. 3002, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 3934, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 4403, passed 2-12-01)