(A)   Notwithstanding the provisions of the foregoing sections of this chapter, whenever a resident of the city is entertaining an overnight guest or guests and is without off-street parking facilities for additional vehicles, or whenever other circumstances of a temporary nature prevent compliance by a resident with the provisions of this chapter, such person may obtain for a fee from the Police Department a temporary all-night parking permit for such vehicle or vehicles. The City Council shall establish the fee for such temporary all-night parking permit by resolution.
   (B)   The temporary, all-night parking permit shall be obtained from and purchased at a self-service parking machine located at the Alhambra Police Facility, or at any other location deemed appropriate by the Chief of Police. The permittee shall clearly display, in ink, the vehicle license plate number or vehicle identification number for the corresponding vehicle on the permit. The permit shall not be effective unless and until such vehicle license number is provided. The issued permit shall be displayed, face up, on the driver's side of the dash of the vehicle requiring the temporary all-night parking permit.
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