§ 11.29.030  PERMITS.
   (A)   Permits required.  No vehicle shall be permitted to park upon any street within a preferred parking district established pursuant to this chapter unless the owner or operator thereof has obtained a permit therefor pursuant to this chapter.
   (B)   Issuing authority. The Finance Department shall issue permits for preferred parking. Applicants for permits shall present to the Director of Finance proof of residence adjacent to the area designated as a preferred parking district and such other information as may be necessary for the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter.
   (C)   Restriction on number of permits issued.  Not more than three permits shall be issued for each qualified dwelling unit to any qualified applicant.  Applicants requesting more than three permits for any dwelling unit may be granted additional permits by the Director of Finance upon a showing that there are more than three vehicles registered at the address of such dwelling unit and that insufficient off-street parking is available to the applicant during the effective hours of the preferred parking district.
   (D)   Duration of permit.  Permits issued pursuant to  this section shall remain effective  for a period  of one calendar year, or fraction thereof, or so long as the applicant continues to reside in a qualified dwelling unit for such permit, or until the preferred parking district for which such permit was issued is terminated, whichever occurs first. Permits may be issued for extended time periods for visiting guests of the qualified residence for a maximum period of up to two weeks at a time.  One-day permits may also be issued for those residences that will have special occasions for a single day that requires the availability of parking on-street for guests.
   (E)   Conditions of permit.  Each permit shall be subject to all conditions and restrictions set forth in this chapter and of the preferred parking district for which it was issued, including conditions and restrictions which may be altered or amended from time to time. The issuance of such permit shall not be construed to be a permit for, or approval of, any violation of any provisions of this code or any other laws or regulations.
   (F)   Fee.  There shall be no fee for issuing either resident or guest preferred parking permits.
   (G)   Display of permit.  No vehicle shall be parked or stopped adjacent to any curb in a preferred parking district in violation of any posted or noticed prohibition or restriction unless such vehicle shall have prominently displayed a permit required by this section indicating an exemption from such restriction or prohibition
   (H)   Permits not transferable.  Permits issued pursuant to this section shall not be assigned or transferred.
(Ord. 4318, passed 12-16-96)