§ 11.28.020  ANGLE PARKING.
   The City Council, by resolution, is hereby authorized to determine upon what streets angle parking shall be permitted and to indicate such places by the painting of white lines upon the surface of the roadway to indicate the proper angle for parking; provided, that such lines shall not be placed upon, nor shall angle parking be permitted upon any street where such parking would diminish the width of the roadway available for travel to less than 20 feet, nor upon any street where there is less than 24 feet between the curb and the nearest rail of any streetcar track, nor upon any street which is a continuation of or part of a county trunk line highway or a state highway unless a clear width of 40 feet is left for the movement of vehicles when angle parking is permitted.
('86 Code, § 11.28.020) (Ord. 2479, passed  - - )