§ 11.18.040  FEES AND COSTS.
   (A)   The applicant shall pay a nonrefundable application fee, as established by the City Council by resolution, sufficient to pay the cost of the review of the terminal designation and the review of the route and alternate route. The Council shall also set, by resolution, an appeal fee to pay the costs of providing an appeal pursuant to § 11.18.070 of this code.
   (B)   Upon the approval of the terminal designa-tion and route by the city and by Caltrans, the applicant shall deposit with the city sufficient funds as established by the Director of Public Services to pay for the purchase and installation of terminal trailblazer signs. Trailblazer signs will be required at every decision point in the city on route to the terminal. Upon completion of the installation of the signs, the actual cost shall be computed and any difference between the actual and estimated cost shall be billed or refunded to the applicant, whichever the case may be. No terminal or route may be used until such signs as may be required are in place. Costs for trailblazer signs may be apportioned in accordance with the procedures in § 11.08.050.
('86 Code, § 11.18.040) (Ord. 3999, passed  - - )