§ 11.18.030  APPLICATION.
   (A)   Any interested person requiring terminal access for interstate trucks from the federally designated highway system shall submit an applica-tion, on a form as provided by the city, together with such information as may be required by the Director of Public Services and appropriate fees to the city.
   (B)   Upon receipt of the application, the Director of Public Services will cause an investigation to be made to ascertain whether or not the proposed ter-minal facility meets the requirements for an interstate truck terminal. Upon his approval of that designation, he will then determine the capability of the route requested and alternate routes, whether requested or not. Determination of route capability will include, without limitation, a review of adequate turning radius and lane widths of ramps, intersections and highways and general traffic conditions, such as sight distance, speed and traffic volumes. No access off a federally designated highway system will be approved without the approval of Caltrans.
   (C)   Should the requested route pass through the city to a terminal located in another jurisdiction, the applicant shall comply with that jurisdiction's application process as well. Coordination of the approval of the route through the city will be the responsibility of the entity which controls the terminal's land use. Costs for trailblazer signs shall be as provided in § 11.18.040 of this code.
('86 Code, § 11.18.030) (Ord. 3999, passed  - - )