(A)   The position of Public Works – Laborer – Seasonal is hereby created.
   (B)   The Public Works – Laborer – Seasonal worker(s) shall be appointed by the Superintendent of Public Works with approval of the Mayor.
   (C)   The Public Works – Laborer – Seasonal worker(s) shall be subject to the authority of the Superintendent of Public Works, and shall receive immediate supervision and direction from the senior members of the Public Works Department.
   (D)   The Public Works – Laborer – Seasonal is a seasonal position hired from time to time as the needs of the City arise and which shall perform manual labor duties; be able to lift objects in excess of fifty (50) pounds several times a day, or as the job requires; have the ability to operate equipment, hand tools, machinery and heavy equipment; and perform any other task as assigned by the Superintendent.
   (E)   The Public Works – Laborer – Seasonal worker(s) shall possess sufficient qualifications, education and experience in order to effectively carry out the duties of the position, and shall maintain the ability to cope with situations firmly, courteously and tactfully, both with co-workers and members of the public. He or she shall:
      (1)   Have earned a high school diploma or its equivalency, supplemented by some experience in operating heavy equipment and general manual labor or any combination of education, training and experience which provides the desired knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this job;
      (2)   Be able to pass a physical examination by a licensed physician, drug screen, background investigation and be free of all apparent mental disorders;
      (3)   Be able to obtain any certification as required to maintain control and supervision of workers provided as a service from the state or county;
      (4)   Be at least eighteen (18) years of age and possess and maintain a valid Commonwealth of Kentucky driver’s license, and either possess and maintain or have the ability to obtain upon appointment, a Kentucky commercial drivers license (CDL); qualify for automobile insurance coverage with the City’s insurance carrier, and have the ability to operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner;
      (5)   Demonstrate good moral character; and
      (6)   Have other qualifications, skills and abilities as required by the City.
   (F)   Compensation for the Public Works – Laborer – Seasonal worker(s) shall be as provided for in the City’s fiscal year budget.
   (G)   The City has developed a comprehensive job description for the Public Works – Laborer – Seasonal worker(s), including a detailed list of duties and responsibilities, which is attached to Ord. No. 2016-03 as an Exhibit and is incorporated by reference into § 37.02. Further, this new position is intended to replace the current position entitled Public Works – Parks & Green Space Laborer’ therefore, the job description in the City’s Personnel Policies for that position is hereby repealed.
(Ord. 2016-03, passed 4-7-16)