(A)   In order to provide for sufficient accounting of expenditures from city funds, the following policies are hereby adopted to regulate purchases:
      (1)   Any department head is granted the authority to make all necessary purchases of supplies and materials without a purchase order up to the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00).
      (2)   Any necessary purchase of equipment, supplies, or materials between the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) to two-hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) must be requested by the department head on a purchase order form, and this purchase order form shall be approved by the City Treasurer prior to the purchase.
      (3)   Any expenditure of city funds over the amount of two-hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) for materials, supplies, equipment, or other items needed for public purposes for the city shall be requested by the department head on a purchase order form, and this purchase order shall be approved by the Mayor prior to the purchase.  In the case of an unforeseen emergency the provisions of § 33.06(3) can be waived and the department head can refer back to the provisions of § 33.06(2) up to the amount of five hundred dollars ($500.00).
      (4)   All expenditures as authorized and permitted above shall be reported to the City Treasurer, and at that time the City Treasurer shall record this expenditure in the proper category as authorized by the budget of the city.  No expenditure of city funds shall be authorized in any amount that exceeds the amount as approved in the budget of the city.
   (B)   It shall be the responsibility of the City Treasurer to submit to the Mayor and Council and the first meeting of each month, monthly financial statements indicating the amount budgeted for each category as approved by the annual budget of the city, the amount expended from that category during the previous month, the amount expended in that category for that fiscal year to date, and the remaining balance authorized in the budget for the category on that date.
   (C)   The purchase policies as stated above shall be effective upon adoption of this section.  The monthly financial statement shall be required beginning January 1, 1987.
(Ord. 16-86, passed 12-11-86; Am. Ord. 13-99, passed 5-20-99)