(A)   The position of Accounting Clerk is hereby created.
   (B)   The Accounting Clerk shall be appointed by the Mayor and may be removed by the Mayor at will, unless otherwise provided by statute, tenure, contract or ordinance.
   (C)   The Accounting Clerk shall be subject to the authority of the Mayor. The City Clerk shall provide immediate supervision and direction, unless the Mayor shall delegate such immediate supervision and direction of the Accounting Clerk to another.
   (D)   The Accounting Clerk is a part-time to full-time position responsible for the accounting activities of the city. The Accounting Clerk shall keep the City Clerk fully informed, in a timely manner, of any situation that could affect the operations of the city. The Accounting Clerk’s work shall be performed under the administrative direction of the City Clerk.
   (E)   The Accounting Clerk shall possess sufficient qualifications, education and experience in order to effectively carry out the duties of the position, all as set forth in the city’s Job Descriptions and Classifications. He or she shall have other qualifications, skills and abilities as required by the Mayor.
   (F)   Compensation for the Accounting Clerk shall be as established or set by separate ordinance or by the city’s fiscal year budget.
   (G)   The Accounting Clerk shall be required to execute the oath of  office as set forth in Section 228 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky prior to the assumption of the duties of that position.
   (H)   Bond for the Accounting Clerk shall be required in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00).
(Ord. 2010-09, passed 6-17-10; Am. Ord. 2011-02, passed 3-17-11)