(A)   Every action of the Council is hereby made a part of the permanent records of the city and on passage of an ordinance the vote of each member of the Council shall be entered on the official record of the meeting.
   (B)   The Council has provided, under the provisions of §§ 31.36(C) and 32.42, for the maintenance and safekeeping of the permanent records of the city.  The City Clerk and the presiding officer shall sign the official record of each meeting.
(KRS 83A.060 (8))
   (C)   The official minutes of all open meetings of the Council and all agencies of the city shall set forth, at a minimum, the action taken at the meeting; and shall set forth the accurate record of votes on such action.
      (1)   The official minutes shall include identification of each speaker at the meeting, a summary of the contents of the speech, discussion and/or debate of each speaker; and shall identify how each member of the public agency voted, whether yes, no, or abstain.
      (2)   If meetings are recorded mechanically and/or electronically (by audio and/or video recording), such recordings shall subsequently be summarized in writing, and such written document shall be the official minutes of the meeting; and any mechanical recordings shall be deemed to be preliminary notes or drafts of the official minutes.
      (3)   The minutes of all  meetings of city agencies shall be retained indefinitely; and no public record shall be discarded or destroyed except pursuant to KRS 171.410 et seq. relating to Libraries and Archives, and pursuant to any administrative regulations promulgated pursuant to the aforementioned statutes.
      (4)   When requested by any city official, specific points of information that were discussed at a meeting shall be included in the written official minutes of that meeting. 
      (5)   When the written minutes are in conflict with the mechanically audio or visual recorded minutes the audio or visual/audio record shall govern over the written summary.
      (6)   Approved minutes with original signatures as well as any mechanically recorded documents shall not be removed from the city building for any reason.
(Ord. 9-95, passed 7-19-95)
Cross reference:
   Public records, see Chapter 34,