(A)   The city hereby establishes the office of Member of City Planning Commission.  The position of Member of City Planning Commission shall hereinafter be classified as a nonelected office.
   (B)   There shall be seven members of the Planning Commission whose terms of office, appointments, powers and duties of office shall be governed by KRS Ch. 100.
   (C)   Each member of the Planning Commission shall be required to execute the oath of office as set forth in Section 228 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky prior to the assumption of the duties of that office.
   (D)   There are no bond requirements for this office unless specifically established by the Planning Commission by-laws for those officers of the Planning Commission who handle public funds.
   (E)   Compensation for each citizen member of the Planning Commission shall be forty dollars ($40.00) per meeting, and eighty dollars ($80.00) per meeting for the Chairperson with a maximum of two (2) meetings per month.
(Ord. 15-94, passed 8-4-94; Am. Ord. 7-99, passed 3-4-99; Am. Ord. 2019-01, passed 5-16-19)