(A)   The city hereby establishes the office of the Building Inspector.
   (B)   The Building Inspector shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of City Council, and may be removed by the mayor at will unless otherwise provided by statute, tenure, contract, or ordinance.
   (C)   The Building Inspector shall be required to execute the oath of office as set forth in Section 228 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky prior to the assumption of the duties of that office.
   (D)   The Building Inspector shall:
      (1)   Perform all the duties and functions of this office as required by the zoning code of the city, and as required by other ordinances of the city and laws of the state.
      (2)   When necessary, report to the Mayor who shall then inform Council.
      (3)   Be responsible for the enforcement of all ordinances of the city related to building and construction.
      (4)   Possess all of the necessary powers and authority to carry out the functions of this office as conferred upon him by law. 
      (5)   Perform all of the duties assigned to the office of Building Inspector by the City Council.
   (E)   As compensation for services rendered by the Building Inspector, the Building Inspector shall receive 65% of the fees collected for the building permit and sign permits which are issued by him if the Building Inspector has been hired as a private contractor; or such compensation as may be determined by the Mayor, City Administrator and City Council from time to time if the Building Inspector shall be hired as a city employee.  The Building Inspector shall furnish his own transportation at his expense and may be reimbursed for mileage pursuant to the City Personnel Policy if the Building Inspector is a city employee.  The Building Inspector shall turn in on Friday of each week to the City Treasurer all fees collected by the Building Inspector for that week.
(Ord. 15-86, passed 11-13-86; Am. Ord. 8-91, passed 2-8-91; Am. Ord. 17-91, passed 4-25-91)
   (F)   There are no bond requirements for this office.
   (G)   It shall be the responsibility of the Building Inspector to issue all sewer tap permits.  No sewer tap permit shall be issued until the applicant has obtained and shows proof that the required state plumbing permit has been issued. 
   (H)   Under the supervision of the Building Inspector, there shall be the position of Assistant Building Inspector; the number of assistants shall be that necessary to carry out the required duties of the Building Inspector of the city.  The Assistant Building Inspector shall have the same authority and same duties and responsibilities as the Building Inspector.  The Assistant Building Inspector shall be an employee of the city, shall be paid at the rate of eight dollars ($8.00) per hour for work performed, which sum of eight dollars ($8.00) per hour shall be paid out of the 50% of building fees collected which go to pay the Building Inspector. The Assistant Building Inspector shall furnish his own transportation, at his own expense, while performing the duties and responsibilities of this position. 
(Ord. 6-83, passed 6-23-83; Am. Ord. 10-88, passed 4-28-88)