(A)   The city hereby establishes the office of City Treasurer.
   (B)   The City Treasurer shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of City Council, and may be removed by the mayor at will unless otherwise provided by statute, tenure, contract, or ordinance.
   (C)   The City Treasurer shall be required to execute the oath of office as set forth in Section 228 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky prior to the assumption of the duties of that office. 
   (D)   The City Treasurer shall:
      (1)   Implement and maintain the financial affairs of the city relating to the receipt, deposit, custody and disbursements of city funds. 
      (2)   Upon the request of the Mayor, attend all regular meetings of the Council. 
      (3)   Make a monthly report to the Mayor who shall then inform Council as to the financial position of the accounts of the city. 
      (4)   Pay all bills and expenses of the city. 
      (5)   Prepare all property tax bills and garbage bills, and collect all property tax bills and garbage bills. 
      (6)   Possess all the necessary powers and authority to carry out the functions of this office as conferred upon the Treasurer by law.
      (7)   Perform all other duties and functions assigned to the office of Treasurer by the City Council.
   (E)   Bond for the Treasurer shall be required in the amount as set forth in KRS 65.067.
   (F)   Compensation for the Treasurer shall be as established or set by separate ordinance or by the city’s fiscal year budget.
   (G)   The duties of the Treasurer may be delegated to the City Clerk, or other, by executive order of the Mayor.
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