§ 151.04  FIRE LIMITS.
   (A)   For the purpose of this section, a FIRE LIMIT is defined as including all closely built mercantile and manufacturing districts and includes surrounding blocks on all sides which may constitute an exposure to the district, or within which new construction of a mercantile or manufacturing character is developing.
   (B)   Fire limits are hereby established beginning at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Main Street and proceeding east on Main Street, intersecting Washington Avenue; thence proceeding east on Main Street to the intersection of Riley Road.  These limits extend in a perpendicular line 200 feet deep from the centerline of Main Street and run to the north and south.
   (C)   No building or structure of wood, frame construction, or of unprotected noncombustible construction shall be erected within the fire limits, nor shall wood or other combustible veneer be permitted on buildings or structures within the fire limits.  All buildings hereafter erected inside the fire limits shall be constructed of fire resistive materials in accordance with the requirements of Article III of the Kentucky Standards of Safety for the appropriate type of construction.
   (D)   Any existing building or structure within the fire limits which is damaged by fire or other causes to the extent of 50% or more shall not be repaired or rebuilt except with construction conforming to the requirements of this section. 
(Ord. 8-65, passed 7-12-65)  Penalty, see § 151.99