§ 113.01  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   CONSIGNMENT.  A transaction in which a person/bailor delivers goods to a merchant for the purpose of sale and where the merchant acts as the bailee or agent for the goods and markets such goods for sale on behalf of the person/bailor. The merchant does not acquire ownership or title to such goods at anytime, but may receive a commission upon the sale of the consigned goods.
   LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER.  An employed member of a lawfully organized  police unit or police force of county, city or metropolitan government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky who is responsible for the detection of crime and the enforcement of the general criminal laws of the state, or local unit of government, as well as sheriffs, sworn deputy sheriffs, campus police officers, public airport authority police officers, and state or federal peace officers responsible for law enforcement. Excluded from the definition of LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER are special local police officers, city marshals and deputy marshals, constables and deputy constables, coroners and deputy coroners, auxiliary and reserve police appointed under KRS 95.160 or 95.445, citation and safety officers authorized by KRS S3A.087 and 83A.088, officers of the Transportation Cabinet responsible for law enforcement, officers of the Department of Corrections responsible for law enforcement, fire marshals and deputy fire marshals, campus security officers who are commissioned under KRS 164.950, private security guards and private security patrolmen.
   LEADS ONLINE.  A national web based electronic online internet reporting service and investigative system utilized by law enforcement to automatically collect and analyze transaction records from various business entities or individuals that acquire merchandise and items of personal property from the general public, operating under the web address of www.leadsonline.com.
   PRECIOUS METALS.  Metals including but not limited to gold, iridium, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, silver, and their alloys, in forms such as bars, foils, leaves, powder, sheets, solutions, wire, jewelry or any other metal that may be owned as investment instruments whether physical metals or as futures or options contracts, as a possible protection against inflation.
   SCRAP.  Any waste and/or new metal products, including, but not limited to, old, unwanted metal, building supplies, wrought iron, wiring, piping, copper tubing, aluminum (except aluminum cans), steel and surplus materials, automobiles and automotive parts.
   SCRAP DEALER.  Any person engaged in the business of operating a scrap yard and/or engaged in the sale, purchase, exchange and/or acquisition of scrap.
   SCRAP YARD.  Any premises where a business is located that deals in the sale, purchase, exchange and/or acquisition of scrap, including recycling operations.
   USED PROPERTY BUSINESS.  An occupation, business, or profession that normally, usually, or customarily engages in the acquisition and/or physical possession of, or a possessory, security or ownership interest in, used or previously owned tangible personal property by barter, pawn, purchase, exchange or otherwise, except for used motor vehicles. Used motor vehicle parts, scrap yard and scrap dealer, consignments of used tangible personal property for sale and purchases of precious metals directly from manufacturers or wholesalers for retail or wholesale inventories or from other used property businesses that were not purchased from the general public, which are specifically excluded from this meaning. USED PROPERTY BUSINESS includes but is not limited to such businesses as are commonly known as pawn shops, jewelry stores, exchanges, game exchanges or stores (for video or electronic games), and any other business that engages in the conduct described in this definition or who engage in the purchase, sale, exchange or possession of precious metals.
(Ord. 2013-09, passed 6-20-13)