(A)   The sub-grade will be brought to an even, compact surface, four inches below the proposed finished surface of the pavement.  Soft, spongy earth, vegetable, or other perishable matter will be removed, and the space filled with gravel or broken stone, thoroughly compacted by ramming.
   (B)   Concrete material shall meet the following requirements:
      Strength:   3000 P.S.I. @ 28 day test
      Thickness:   sidewalks  4 inches
            driveways  6 inches
   (C)   The surface shall be spread and floated smooth, and troweled to a hard smooth surface.  No sidewalk or driveway surface painting or color coding will be acceptable to the city.
   (D)   The surface of the pavement, before the mortar sets, will be cut into blocks with a wedge-shaped tool, leaving a groove 5/8 inch in depth, 1/8 inch at the bottom and 1/4 at the top.  The top edge of the groove shall be slightly rounded.
   (E )   No sidewalk shall be constructed less than four feet wide, but shall be constructed to conform to widths of existing walks which are being replaced.
   (F)   In full width sidewalks the pavement will begin ¾ inch above the grade of the curb and rise at a rate of 3/8 inch to one foot to the property line.  The alignment and slope of all pavements less than full width of sidewalk will be subject to the special direction of the Building Inspector.
   (G)   All cellar doors, sills, stop cock boxes, or other fixtures shall be flush with the pavement.
   (H)   Walks must be sprinkled with water while setting or treated with curing compound, in hot weather, to prevent drying too rapidly and cracking.
   (I)   Street gutters must not be obstructed while work is in progress.
   (J)   All old material taken from sidewalks and all surplus material from the work must be immediately removed. 
   (K)   The city will not be responsible for work of contractors, but will consider in final inspection for acceptance only the surface appearance, unless sub-surface defects are known to exist.
   (L)   Where the curbing needs replacing, it will be done in a manner and with such material as is required by the Street Improvement Specifications of the city, as set forth in the Appendix following this chapter.
(Ord. 8-69, passed 12-8-69)  Penalty, see § 91.99