(A)   There is hereby established a limited parking district on the following locations.  This limited parking district will permit a resident in that location to park for periods in excess of two hours at any time if the resident has obtained the special parking permit from the City Clerk.
Ord. No.
All areas of Washington Street subject to two-hour parking.
   (B)   It shall be unlawful for any person to park any vehicle in the above locations in violation of the two-hour parking limit as set forth in Ch.75, Schedule III unless such person is a permanent resident of that location, his residence fronts along the limited two-hour parking zone, and the resident has obtained the parking permit.
   (C)   City Clerk shall issue free permits to any residents in the above locations whose residence fronts the two-hour parking zone and who has paid the motor vehicle license fee.  The parking permit shall be fixed to the vehicle pursuant to the instructions issued by the City Clerk with the parking permit.  The City Clerk may require identification or other proof of residence for the person applying for the permit.
   (D)   The maintenance department for the city shall erect signs within the two-hour parking zone indicating that parking permits are required of residents during the two-hour parking period.  Residents within the two-hour parking zone indicated above shall be notified of the requirements for the parking permit.
(Ord. 27-89, passed 11-9-89)  Penalty, see 72.99
Cross reference:
   Two-hour parking, Ch. 75, Sch. III