(A)   Any other provision to the contrary notwithstanding, a motor vehicle bearing a decal in its front windshield issued by the County Clerk pursuant to appropriate county ordinances for persons with disabilities when operated by a person with disabilities or when transporting a person with disabilities may be parked in a designated parking place for persons with disabilities or when parked in a metered parking space may be parked for two (2) hours for no fee, or when parked where any parking limit is imposed may be parked for two (2) hours in excess of the parking limit.  The motor vehicle may be parked in a loading zone for that period of time necessary to permit entrance or exit of the person with disabilities to or from the parked vehicle, but in no circumstances longer than thirty (30) minutes.
   (B)   This section shall not permit parking in a "no stopping" or "no parking" zone nor where parking is prohibited for the purpose of creating a fire lane or to accommodate heavy traffic during morning, afternoon, or evening hours, nor permit a motor vehicle to be parked in such a manner as to constitute a traffic hazard.
   (C)   As set forth in KRS 189.456(7), it shall be unlawful for any operator of a motor vehicle to park, stop, or permit any motor vehicle to stand in a parking space designated and reserved for persons with disabilities unless the motor vehicle displays an auto registration plate designating the vehicle licensed as belonging to a person with disabilities or exhibiting a license plate issued to a disabled veteran, or exhibiting the special parking permit for persons with disabilities.
(Ord. 14-85, passed 10-24-85)  Penalty, see § 72.99