(A)   Any person, firm, or corporation charged with violations may, in lieu of being summoned to the District Court for hearing, pay a fine of ten dollars for such violation.  Failure to pay this fine for violation within five (5) days from the date of the notice of such violation will result in the fine being increased to fifteen dollars ($15.00).  After five (5) more days from the date the increased fine becomes effective, failure to pay will result in the Police Department sending to the owner of the motor vehicle to which the original notice of violation was affixed, a letter informing him of the delinquent fine, and assessing an additional fine of one dollar ($1.00) per day for every day the fine remains unpaid, up to an additional ten (10) days.  At that time, should the fine remain unpaid and a second violation under the provisions of this section occurs, the officer will issue the notice of violation, subjecting the violator to a second series of applicable fines, and in addition will have the vehicle towed to a storage area.  The vehicle will not be released to the owner until all fines and towing and storage charges are paid in full.
   (B)   Any person purchasing or acquiring a motor vehicle or commencing to use a motor vehicle within the limits of the city shall have thirty (30) days from that date to procure the license without payment of any penalty.  Any new resident moving into the city shall have thirty (30) days from moving in to procure the license without payment of any penalty. 
   (C)   The civil penalties provided for by this section shall be in addition to the criminal penalties provided for in § 70.99
(Ord. 5-70, passed 2-23-70; Am. Ord. 9-84, passed 6-28-84; Am. Ord. 2-88, passed 2-11-88)  Penalty, see § 70.99
Cross reference:
   Review by Parking Citation Enforcement Board of citations issued under this subchapter, see § 35.50(C)