(A)   All public improvements consisting of streets and storm sewers within the city which have been dedicated to public use, which have been platted, and which plats have been approved by the City Planning and Zoning Commission, shall be accepted by the city for maintenance purposes.
   (B)   All public improvements including streets and storm sewers, except for any streets which are included in the country road system or the state road system, which streets, sanitary sewers, and storm sewers are considered to be owned by the city, are hereby accepted by the city for maintenance purposes. 
   (C)   In situations where a property owner and/or developer have had a subdivision final plat approved conditionally by the Planning Commission and/or have offered for dedication public improvements which are not yet completed in situations where a construction guaranty and bond have been put in place, and the completion of the public improvements are expected to take over four weeks; or in a situation wherein the plat has been conditionally approved or approved subject to a construction guaranty/bond and the public improvements have not been completed within four weeks of such approval, a sign shall be posted in the subdivision designed to notify the public of such facts under the following circumstances: 
      (1)   Intent.  The intent of this division (C) is to provide guidelines for the city to install temporary signs at the entrance to future public dedicated improvements in which the applicant has applied for and received conditional approval of final plats, thus allowing the applicant to transfer title of real property prior to completing all improvements. 
      (2)   Purpose.  The purpose for posting the sign is to protect citizens who may be unaware that the public improvement, for which the sign is posted, is not accepted for maintenance by the legislative body.  This situation exists primarily when a final plat is accepted with contingencies and when a bond has been posted for the uncompleted improvements.  The unknowing public may logically assume, by appearance, that the improvements have been accepted by the city.  This situation could be very harmful to the public should the applicant fail to meet contingencies set forth for approval of the final plat and the street not be accepted by the city.  This notification is for the protection of the health and welfare of the citizens of the city. 
      (3)   Application.  The informative sign should be used when conditions warrant.  Those conditions include, but are not limited to, the following:  When the time taken by the applicant to comply with all relevant contingencies of the final plat is shorter than four weeks from the time of the conditional approval, there is no need for the sign. 
      (4)   Responsibility.  It shall be the responsibility of the Mayor to see that the appropriate signs are installed in timely manner at the proper location so that the intent of this division is complied with.  The signs shall be installed in a timely manner.  The signs shall be removed upon acceptance of the improvements by the city, or the withdrawal of the application by the applicant. 
(Ord. 7-88, passed 4-14-88; Am. Ord. 21-93, passed 11-4-93; Am. Ord. 2003-01, passed 3-20-03)