(A)   Present and prospective users of the sewerage works locatd within the city are advised and warned of other existing regulations, codes, ordinances, and laws governing the requirements for use and control of sewerage systems and the requirements of their compliance. 
   (B)   Users and contractors employed by the user are required to comply with Sanitation District No. 1, the State Plumbing Code, and all other rules and regulations established by the state.
   (C)   Every person and public corporation desiring to install or enter into a contract for the installation of a public, semi-public, or industrial sewerage system, or to make additions or alterations in any such treatment or pretreatment plant or to alter or extend any such sewer shall comply with all rules and regulations of Sanitation District No. 1, all rules and regulations of the Campbell County Board of Health, and all codes, rules, and regulations of the state.  No such installations, additions, or alterations shall be begun until the plans and specifications therefor have been submitted to and approved by the directors of the Sanitation District No. 1 and the state.
(Or. 4-73, passed 3-12-73; Am. Ord. 2003-01, passed 3-20-03)  Penalty, see § 51.99