(A)   It shall be unlawful to deposit or permit to accumulate any waste, trash, or garbage of any kind or nature on any public street, alley, or other public property within the city, except as provided elsewhere herein in preparation for collection.
   (B)   It shall be unlawful to dump or place any waste, trash, or garbage on any premises in the city without the consent of the owner of the premises. 
   (C)   Any violation of 50.02(A) or (B) is hereby classified as a civil offense pursuant to KRS 65.8808 and subchapter § 35.60 et seq. and such classification is intended, and shall be construed, to provide an additional or supplemental means of obtaining compliance with the §§ 50.02(A) and (B), and nothing contained herein, or in subchapter 35.60 et seq. shall prohibit the enforcement of §§ 50.02(A) and (B) by any other means authorized by law, specifically, without limitation, the provisions of § 50.99.
      (1)   If a citation for a violation of § 50.02(A) or (B) is not contested by the person charged with the violation , the civil fine to be imposed for each offense shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) for the first offense ninety dollars ($90.00) for the second offense, and two hundred ten dollars ($210.00) for the third, and thereafter, offense.
      (2)   If a citation is contested and a hearing before the Code Enforcement Board is required, the maximum civil fine which may be imposed at the discretion of the Board shall be from twenty dollars ($20.00) to two hundred dollars ($200.00) for the first offense; from sixty dollars ($60.00) to six hundred dollars ($600.00) for the second offense; and from one hundred eighty dollars ($180.00) to one thousand eight hundred dollars ($1,800.00) for the third and thereafter, offense. 
      (3)   Each section violated shall be considered a separate fineable offense.  If two (2) or more sections are violated, the fines shall be cumulative and enforced under the same citation.  Each day a violation exists shall be considered a separate offense upon issuance of a separate citation. 
(Ord. 10-84, passed 7-12-84; Am. Ord. 8-99, passed 4-1-99)  Penalty, see § 50.99
Cross reference:
   Code Enforcement Board, see §§ 35.60-35.70