(A)   Pursuant to the authority granted to the city by KRS 82.600 to 82.640, the City Council does hereby establish the Parking Citation Enforcement Board, and does hereby adopt the provisions of KRS 82.600 to 82.640 herein by reference, the same as if set out in its entirety in this section.
   (B)   The hearing board established by this section shall consist of the Police Chief, and two full-time members of the Police Department to be named by the Police Chief.
   (C)   The Parking Citation Enforcement Board shall also have the power and authority to review citations issued by members of the Police department for violation of §§ 70.30 to 70.99, the motor vehicles license tax, in the same manner as provided for review of parking citations. 
(Ord. 27-87, passed 11-12-87)