Every person desiring such license shall file with the Clerk a petition in writing giving his name, or his firm, or if a firm, the name of each member thereof, and place of business, asking to become a licensed sewer builder or drain layer, and said petition shall be accompanied by a bond signed by two (2) or more individual sureties, or in the alternative, signed by one corporate surety if qualified to act as a surety on sewer builder's or drain layer's bonds under the applicable laws of the State of Illinois, subject in either case to approval by the City, in the sum of two thousand dollars ($2,000.00), unless a different sum be specifically ordered by the City, conditioned that he will indemnify and save harmless the City from all accidents and damages caused by any negligence in either the execution or protection of his work, either by himself or anyone acting under his direction, or for any unfaithful or inadequate work done under and by virtue of his license, and that said licensee, as such, will also conform to all the conditions and requirements of the City and will restore the streets, alleys, sidewalks and pavement disturbed by him, so as to leave the same in as good state and condition as he found them, or in default thereof will pay all damages occasioned by reason of such default, and also such penalties as are or may be prescribed by law for the government of licensed sewer builders and drain layers.
Such bond shall remain in force and must be executed for a period of one year except that on such expiration, it shall remain in force as to all penalties, claims and demands that may have accrued thereunder prior to such execution. (Ord. 14/88, 3-20-1989)