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Albuquerque Overview
Albuquerque Code of Ordinances
Administrative Instructions
Albuquerque Table of Resolutions
Albuquerque Code of Resolutions
Personnel Rules and Regulations
Albuquerque Development Process Manual
Volume I - Procedure
Officials and Acknowledgements
Martin Chavez, Mayor
   Jay Czar, Chief Administrative Officer
   Gail Reese, Chief Financial Officer
   Nick Bakas, Chief Public Safety Officer
   James B. Lewis, Chief Operations Officer
   Teri Baird, Chief of Staff
City Council
Miguel A. Gomez, District 1
   Debbie O'Malley, District 2
   Eric G. Griego, Vice President, District 3
   Brad Winter, District 4
   Michael Cadigan, President, District 5
   Martin Heinrich, District 6
   Sally Mayer, District 7
   Greg Payne, District 8
   Tina Cummins, District 9
Environmental Planning Commission
   Jeffrey J. Jesionowski, Chair
   Mick McMahan, Vice-Chair
   David Steele
   Larry Chavez
   Virginia Klebesabel
   Camilla Serrano
   Klarissa Peñe
   Bevin C. Owens
Development Process Executive Committee
   *Victor Chavez, Co-Chair, City Planning Department
   *Charles "Ted" Asbury, Co-Chair, City Public Works Department
   *Robert Wharton, Southwest Realty Services, Inc.
   *Charles Easterling, Wilson & Co.
   *Dale Dekker, Dekker/Perich, Sabitini, and Associates
   *Bill Allen, ADAL Development
   *Kevin Curran, City Legal Department
   Richard Dourte, City Engineer
   *Denotes Development Process Executive Committee Member
Cynthia Borrego, MPA, DP Senior Planner
Crystal Ortega, Administrative Assistant
Fred Aguirre, Planning Department; Drainage Subcommittee Chairman
   Suzanne Busch, Drainage Subcommittee
   Chuck M. Caruso, Drainage Subcommittee
   Richard Dourte, Planning Department; Drainage Subcommittee
   Chuck Easterling, Drainage Subcommittee
   Bo Johnson, Drainage Subcommittee
   Scott M. McGee, Drainage Subcommittee
   Loren Meinz, Drainage Subcommittee
   Jeff Mortensen, Drainage Subcommittee
   David Stoliker, Drainage Subcommittee
   Howard Stone, Drainage Subcommittee
   Pat Stovall, Drainage Subcommittee
   Chuck Thompson, Drainage Subcommittee
The City of Albuquerque owes the DP Executive and Technical Review Committee a sincere debt of gratitude and appreciation for all of the many hours and hard work that goes into the upkeep of the DPM.