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Albuquerque Overview
Albuquerque Code of Ordinances
Charter of the City of Albuquerque
Administrative Instructions
Albuquerque Table of Resolutions
Albuquerque Code of Resolutions
Integrated Development Code
Personnel Rules and Regulations
Subpart A:
General Provisions
   11-1-1-1   Short title
   11-1-1-2   Intent
   11-1-1-3   Definitions
Subpart B:
Criminal Abatement of Public Nuisance Offenses: in personam Proceedings
   11-1-1-10   Public nuisances prohibited
   11-1-1-11   Penalties for public nuisance violations
Subpart C:
Civil Abatement of Public Nuisance Offenses:
in rem Proceedings
   11-1-1-20   Intent
   11-1-1-21   Procedure in general
   11-1-1-22   Seizure of certain vehicles and other personal property before filing complaint
   11-1-1-23   Temporary restraining orders in general
   11-1-1-24   Temporary restraining orders; public nuisances
   11-1-1-25   Motion to vacate or modify temporary restraining order or for return of seized property
   11-1-1-26   Remedies for public nuisances
   11-1-1-27   Judgment for costs and attorneys' fees
   11-1-1-28   Supplementary remedies for public nuisances
   11-1-1-29   Lien for judgments
   11-1-1-30   Stipulated alternative remedies
   11-1-1-31   Other seizures, closures, forfeitures and confiscations
Subpart D:
Drug Laboratory Site Remediation of Contamination
   11-1-1-40   Title
   11-1-1-41   Findings and intent
   11-1-1-42   Definitions
   11-1-1-43   Declaration of public nuisance
   11-1-1-44   Clandestine drug laboratories
   11-1-1-45   Penalties
   11-1-2-1   Intent
   11-1-2-2   Short title
   11-1-2-3   Findings
   11-1-2-4   Drug free zones; criteria
   11-1-2-5   Designation of drug free zone
   11-1-2-6   Persons subject to exclusion
   11-1-2-7   Authority to issue exclusion notices
   11-1-2-8   Notice of exclusion
   11-1-2-9   Appeal and variance
   11-1-2-10   Listing of drug free zones
   11-1-2-11   Review by Mayor
   11-1-2-12   Severability