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   (A)   Initial focus. The Planning Department shall identify dilapidated buildings or properties within the area of the city covered by this article and perform an inspection to itemize the conditions that constitute a dilapidated commercial building or property as proscribed by this article. Initial inspections should be prioritized to address the largest and/or most dilapidated buildings or properties first.
   (B)   Remediation. The responsible party shall remediate or abate the conditions identified in an initial written notice within 60 days (such 60-day period hereafter shall be referred to as "compliance period"). This compliance period may be reduced or eliminated by the Planning Department should it appear to be a matter of public necessity for health and safety reasons, and the Department is authorized to take immediate action to abate such reasons.
   (C)   If it is not possible, or if the responsible party declines or is unsuccessful in fully remediating or abating the conditions creating a dilapidated commercial building or property within the compliance period set forth above, the responsible party shall:
      (1)   Register the building or property with the Planning Department through forms provided by the Department within 20 days of expiration of the compliance period. The registration form shall at a minimum require a description of the location and address of the building, and the name, street address and telephone number of the responsible party. The Planning Department shall collect a registration fee of $500 for each initial registration, but the Planning Director may reduce or waive this fee if it is determined that substantial efforts have been made to bring the property into compliance; and
      (2)   Provide a written plan for how the property will be brought into compliance with this article within a 90 day period, or longer if deemed appropriate by the Planning Director or designee. The Planning Department shall make property owners aware of incentives and fee reductions (e.g., impact fee waivers for redevelopment, façade improvement programs) that are enabled in Metropolitan Redevelopment Areas under the Metropolitan Redevelopment Act, if applicable.
   (D)   The Planning Department shall reinitiate the process prescribed by this section as necessary at any time or move directly to the enforcement and penalties procedures described in § 14-20-6, or otherwise take enforcement action as authorized by any section of the Zoning Code.