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§ 14-20-3  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this article, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   DILAPIDATED COMMERCIAL BUILDING OR PROPERTY.  Any non-residential building or property which exhibits one or more characteristic of dilapidation, including but not limited to:
      (1)   Overgrowth of fugitive plant materials including grasses or invasive trees; or landscaping that is otherwise non-compliant with the requirements of the zoning code, § 14-16-3-10(D)(3) and the Albuquerque Weed and Anti-Litter Ordinance, §§ 9-8-1 et seq. ROA 1994;
      (2)   Unsecure, loose, or broken building façades, treatments, fixtures, signs (including freestanding signs) or other façade features affecting more than 15% of the façade or sign area;
      (3)   Peeling or flaking paint, and any other significant deterioration of building surface treatments affecting more than 15% of the façade;
      (4)   Broken or uncovered glass within any window or door;
      (5)   Unsecured, loose, or broken features affecting more than 15% of any sign (including freestanding signs);
      (6)   Broken windows or building entrances, or any other characteristics demonstrating a lack of security or access control to the property, building or buildings at the site;
      (7)   Unabated vandalism or graffiti;
      (8)   Outdoor lighting that is no longer compliant with the minimum requirements of the zoning code;
      (9)   Broken pavement, interior sidewalks or pedestrian connections; unsealed cracks exceeding two feet in length and one inch in width, or potholes exceeding one square foot in area within off-street parking areas; or
      (10)   Unabated trespass, or police calls for service that are unrelated to any lawful use or business establishment at the location.
   RESPONSIBLE PARTY.  The owner(s) of any building or property subject to this article, or any other party responsible for such building or property by way lawful tenancy, management, agency, or otherwise.