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Personnel Rules and Regulations
   (A)   In the event there is a change in the scope, complexity, character, or duration of a project involving the basic services of consulting engineers, architects or landscape architects or design-build services, the compensation for such services shall be renegotiated or negotiated as appropriate.  Whenever applicable, appropriate consideration of estimated construction cost will be used as the basis of negotiations.
   (B)   Any change in scope that will require different or additional services,  except those services to which the emergency selection provisions in this article apply, shall be authorized by the prior written approval of the City Project Manager, the User Department Director and the Capital Improvements Program Director, provided that any such change that is  greater  than  $25,000  shall  also  require  the prior written approval of the Chief Administrative Officer.  This provision shall apply to a change in any form, whether by amendment, special services authorization, addendum or other designation.
   (C)   The written authorization shall specify the additional or different services, the estimated total cost of the additional or different services, and how the additional or different services relate to the scope of services of the underlying agreement for basic services or design-build services .
   (D)   Verbal authorization to proceed to perform additional or different services shall not constitute valid authorization, and no services should be performed prior to the execution of all required written authorizations.
('74 Code, § 7-20-3)  (Ord. 80- 1976; Am. Ord. 80-1985; Am. Ord. 65-1990; Am. Ord. 55-1999; Am. Ord. 2021-002)