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§ 14-5-2-8  CROSSINGS.
   (A)   Channel crossing structures shall be provided on all arterial and collector streets to safely pass the 100-year design storm runoff from major arroyos assuming a fully developed watershed.
   (B)   Streets other than arterial, collector and sole access may cross major arroyos and other watercourses by means of a "dip section" or "overflow section" provided depth times velocity (with velocity calculated as the average velocity measured in feet per second and depth measured in feet at the upstream edge of the roadway including sidewalk) does not exceed 6.5 for that portion of the 10-year storm runoff crossing on the street.
   (C)   Where feasible, temporary crossings shall be designed so they may be incorporated into the future permanent crossing structure and so that they meet street design standards established by the Traffic Engineer.
   (D)   Crossings of major arroyos by arterial and collector streets shall be at public expense. Crossings of arroyos by streets other than arterials and collectors shall be constructed at developer expense and shall meet street design standards established by the Traffic Engineer.
   (E)   Temporary crossings required for access, including those on arterials and collectors, shall be constructed at developer expense.
   (F)   The maintenance of facilities constructed at private expense on public property is the responsibility of the owner or owner's agent until permanent facilities are in place.
   (G)   The developer shall be responsible for maintaining or replacing temporary crossing structures for a period of six years or until a permanent structure is built, whichever comes first. The city shall maintain temporary crossings which are designed and built such that they may be directly incorporated into the ultimate facilities.
('74 Code, § 7-9-8)  (Ord. 63- 1982; Am. Ord. 2013-016; Am. Ord. 2018-020)