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Albuquerque Overview
Albuquerque Code of Ordinances
Administrative Instructions
Albuquerque Table of Resolutions
Albuquerque Code of Resolutions
Personnel Rules and Regulations
   (A)   The Director shall be the executive head of the Office of Emergency Management and shall be responsible to the Mayor for the organization, administration, and operation of the Office of Emergency Management and all of the city's emergency management programs. The Director shall coordinate the city's emergency management programs with programs of like kind placed into effect by the County of Bernalillo, private persons, and all nongovernmental agencies, and shall act as a liaison and fully cooperate with the emergency management agencies of the federal government and the State of New Mexico and its political subdivisions.
   (B)   Subject to approval by the Mayor, the Director shall act for the government of the city in all matters pertaining to emergency management, including the obligation of such municipal funds as may be appropriated for emergency management purposes.
   (C)   The Director shall prepare and submit an annual proposed budget for the Office of Emergency Management expenditures to the Mayor.
   (D)    The Director shall perform such other duties as the Mayor shall prescribe.
('74 Code, § 1-9-2)  (Ord. 9- 1975; Am. Ord. 2020-010)