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Albuquerque Overview
Charter of the City of Albuquerque
Albuquerque Code of Ordinances
Administrative Instructions
Albuquerque Table of Resolutions
Albuquerque Code of Resolutions
Personnel Rules and Regulations
   2-9-1-1   Definitions
   2-9-1-2   Bombs or missiles prohibited
   2-9-1-3   Mayoral proclamation of civil emergency; emergency powers
   2-9-1-4   Mayoral proclamation of public health emergency; emergency orders
   2-9-1-5   Publication of orders
   2-9-1-6   Duration and extension of emergency proclamation
   2-9-1-7   Failure to obey
   2-9-1-8   Anti-price gouging; findings and intent
   2-9-1-9   Anti-price gouging; short title
   2-9-1-10   Anti-price gouging; definitions
   2-9-1-11   Price gouging prohibited
   2-9-1-12   Exceptions
   2-9-1-13   Civil investigative demand
   2-9-1-14   Enforcement
   2-9-1-15   Appeal/administrative hearing procedure
   2-9-1-16   Restraint of prohibited acts; remedies for violations
   2-9-1-17   Exclusions
   2-9-1-18   Non limitation or interference with other authority
   2-9-2-1   Office of emergency management
   2-9-2-2   Director of emergency management
   2-9-3-1   Short title
   2-9-3-2   Definitions
   2-9-3-3   Designation, status, qualifications and term of emergency interim successors
   2-9-3-4   Assumption of powers and duties of officer by emergency interim successor
   2-9-3-5   Recording and publication
   2-9-3-6   Formalities of taking office
   2-9-3-7   Quorum and vote requirements
   2-9-3-8   Temporary disaster location for the city council