(A)   Permit required.  No excavation shall be made into any street, alley, tree, lawn, or public place, or into or through any pavement thereon, until an opening permit therefor shall be granted by the Building Commissioner of the town.  The permit shall define the nature of the work to be done.  Several openings may be grouped upon a single permit, without additional fee, if the several openings are within the same lineal block and are to be made within 60 days of the first opening, and if determined by the Building Commissioner to be of a single job function.  A permit for grouped openings will not be a permit for blocking of streets and alleys for the entire 60-day period.  (`76 Code, § 11-26)
   (B)   Application; fee.  Any person desiring to make an opening or excavation described above in division (A) shall file with the Building Commissioner of the town an application for a permit, which shall definitely state the location for the proposed opening, the purpose thereof, and which shall define the nature of the work to be done, together with a fee of $2.  (`76 Code, § 11-27)
   (C)   Bond required.  Every person applying for the permit required herein shall, prior to its issuance, file a bond with the town to cover the costs of compliance with the provisions of this subchapter, and conditioned on the permittee doing so.  The amount of the bond shall be as determined by duly adopted resolution of the Town Council.  (`76 Code, § 11-28)