(A)   All openings shall be closed immediately after completion of the work for which the opening is made, and openings must be compacted as filled.  Tree lawns shall be filled with soil, topsoil and either resodded or reseeded, and all other openings shall be backfilled with clean pit run gravel or equal quality material, except that all street and alley openings having improved services must be sealed with cold patch blacktop.  Openings not to be so sealed are to be returned to the condition existing prior to opening.  (`76 Code, § 11-18)
   (B)   All street and alley openings are to be maintained by the person opening the same for 30 days after fill, or in the alternative, the permittee may authorize the Street Commissioner to maintain the backfill at a cost to be determined by the Street Commissioner.  If during the 30-day maintenance period it becomes necessary for the Street Commissioner to take corrective action with respect to the fill, then the maintenance fee will be assessed by the Building Commissioner.  (`76 Code, § 11-19)