The terms defined in this section have the meanings given them:
CLEAN: The absence of dirt, grease, rubbish, garbage and other offensive, unsightly or extraneous matter.
IN GOOD REPAIR: Free of corrosion, breaks, cracks, chips, pitting, excessive wear, leaks, obstructions and similar defects.
IN THE CITY: Physical presence as well as telephone referral such as phone-a-massage operations in which the business premises, although not physically located within the city, serves as a point of assignment of employees who respond to requests for services from in the city.
MASSAGE: The rubbing, stroking, kneading, tapping or rolling of the body of another person with the hands for the purpose of physical fitness, healthcare referral, relaxation and for no other purpose.
OPERATE: To own, manage or conduct, or to have control, charge or custody over.
THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE ENTERPRISES: A place of business providing massage services to the public for consideration. The term does not include a hospital, sanitarium, rest home, nursing home, boarding home or other institution for the hospitalization or care of other human beings duly licensed under the provisions of Minnesota statutes sections 144A.01 through 144A.10.
THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE THERAPIST: A person who practices or administers massage to the public for consideration. (Ord. 1999-2, 2-1-1999; amd. 2005 Code)