A.   Qualifications: Any project not classified or qualified as a minor project shall be classified as a major project.
   B.   Procedures: Pursuant to Minnesota statutes section 15.99, an application for site plan approval shall be approved or denied within sixty (60) days from the date of its official and complete submission unless extended pursuant to statute or a time waiver is granted by the applicant. If applicable, processing of the application through required state or federal agencies shall extend the review and decision making period an additional sixty (60) days unless this limitation is waived by the applicant. Additional city requirements are as follows:
      1.   Request for site plan approval, as provided within this ordinance, shall be filed with the zoning administrator on an official application form, to be accompanied by a fee established by section 3-1-3 of the city code. Such application shall also be accompanied by detailed written and graphic materials as outlined in the site and building plan review checklist provided by the city and must fully explain the proposed change, development or use.
      2.   The zoning administrator shall instruct the appropriate staff persons or consultants to prepare technical reports where appropriate, and provide general assistance in preparing a recommendation on the action to the planning commission and the city council. (Ord. 1988-12, 12-19-1988; amd. Ord. 1996-1, 2-5-1996; 2005 Code)