A.   Qualification: Site plans may be classified as minor projects and may be administratively approved by the zoning administrator in lieu of planning commission review and city council approval only for sites which meet the following criteria, except as otherwise expressly provided by this ordinance:
      1.   Sites shall be in multiple-family, commercial, or industrial zoning districts, including those within planned unit developments.
      2.   All sites must be in conformance with the city's official comprehensive plan classification for the property.
      3.   All sites must be legal parcels of record at the time of application.
      4.   All applications for site plan approval must be complete and in full accordance with the requirements of this ordinance and all applicable fees shall be paid as established in section 3-1-3 of the Albertville City Code.
      5.   All development proposals and site plan layouts must meet or exceed the standards of all applicable codes, ordinances, and policies and must be free of any variances from those standards.
      6.   Only applications for uses explicitly classified as permitted uses within the respective zoning districts of this ordinance are eligible for administrative approval.
   B.   Procedure: Administrative approval of eligible site plans shall be subject to the following procedural requirements:
      1.   Plan review will be in accordance with established procedures including the coordinated review by city staff and/or consultants as determined by the zoning administrator.
      2.   Site plans involving properties within approved planned unit developments shall be subject to applicable evaluation criteria in chapters 2700 and 4800 of this ordinance.
      3.   Any variance, conditional use permit, or other special permits requiring public hearings will automatically require the entire application to be processed in accordance with the planning commission review and city council approval provisions of this chapter.
      4.   Administrative approval, including all applicable conditions and requirements, shall be made in writing by the zoning administrator, and the applicant, in addition to all other applicable requirements, shall submit a written acknowledgment of that approval prior to the commencement of any development and prior to the issuance of any permits.
      5.   Any unresolved dispute as to administrative interpretation of city code, ordinance, or policy requirements may be formally appealed pursuant to chapter 600 of this ordinance. (Ord. 1988-12, 12-19-1988; amd. Ord. 1996-1, 2-5-1996; Ord. 2019-13, passed 12-16-2019)