The number of required off street loading berths shall be as follows:
   A.   Commercial And Industrial Uses: All buildings shall have at least one off street loading berth. Buildings which are ten thousand (10,000) square feet or more shall have, at a minimum, two (2) loading berths.
   B.   Multiple-Family Dwellings: One off street loading berth shall be provided for each principal dwelling structure in excess of four (4) units.
   C.   Other Uses: Other uses not specifically mentioned herein or unique cases shall be determined on an individual basis by the council. Factors to be considered in such determination shall include (without limitation) size of buildings, type of use, number of employees, expected volume and turnover of customer traffic and expected frequency and number of delivery or service vehicles.
   D.   Space Reductions: Subject to the review and processing of a conditional use permit as regulated by chapter 400 of this ordinance, the city may reduce the number of required off street loading spaces when the use can demonstrate in documented form a need which is less than required. In such situations, the city may require land to be reserved for loading space development should use or needs change.
   E.   B-4 District Loading Requirements: Within the B-4 district, the city may approve development and uses which do not comply with the required number of loading spaces as a conditional use permit; provided, that:
      1.   A development agreement running with the land is completed in which it is agreed that the property in question is financially responsible for its proportionate share of the city sponsored and provided loading space construction, maintenance, and loading site acquisition for on street or lot loading space. Said responsibility shall be determined on the basis of the property's loading space shortage based upon ordinance requirements, in relationship to the total loading space shortage, as defined by this chapter for a defined service and benefit area. The "service and benefit area" shall include all properties which benefit from the available loading space serving a particular retail and commercial neighborhood or district.
      2.   The amount of loading space provided on the property in question is the maximum amount possible, taking into account the use and design objectives of the B-4 district as outlined by this ordinance and the comprehensive plan.
      3.   The loading space shortages created by the development are not premature or in excess of the supply which can be provided by the city through a public loading system on a long term basis.
      4.   The provisions of subsection 400.2F of this ordinance are considered and satisfactorily met. (Ord. 1988-12, 12-19-1988)
AL849   Zoning Ordinance - Appendix A   App A-1400