1300.2: LOCATION:
   A.   Off Street: All required loading berths shall be off street and located on the same lot as the building or use to be served.
   B.   Distance From Intersection: All loading berth curb cuts shall be located, at a minimum, fifty feet (50') from the intersection of two (2) or more street rights of way. This distance shall be measured from the property line.
   C.   Distance From Residential Use: No loading berth shall be located closer than one hundred feet (100') from a residential district unless within a structure.
   D.   Prohibited In Front Yards: Loading berths shall not occupy the required front yard setbacks.
   E.   Conditional Use Permit Required: A conditional use permit shall be required for new loading berths added to an existing structure, where the loading berths are located at the front or at the side of the building on a corner lot.
      1.   Pedestrians: Loading berths shall not conflict with pedestrian movement.
      2.   Visibility: Loading berths shall not obstruct the view of the public right of way from off street parking access.
      3.   General Compliance: Loading berths shall comply with all other requirements of this ordinance.
   F.   Traffic Interference: Each loading berth shall be located with appropriate means of vehicular access to a street or public alley in a manner which will cause the least interference with traffic. (Ord. 1988-12, 12-19-1988)